We Need To Talk!

Every business relies on its ability to talk to its customers; to find, relate to & retain new ones.

Business Development  *  Customer service  *  Client retention

Social Media is the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

Gone are the days when glossy brochures and clever advertisements would draw people in.  Today, it is all about conversations; how you talk to your customers and how they talk back to you.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogs, to name a few, are now essential tools in any businesss kit.

I can help you navigate your way through this new environment, whether you are looking for someone to help get you started, provide training or run your social media strategy and campaigns for you.

Services I provide include:

  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Management
  • Advice and development of your social media strategy
  • Integrated PR & Digital marketing plans
  • Regular advice and support
  • Blogging services and SEO online content
  • Email Newsletters

Based in Rugby, Warwickshire, I serve business in the West Midlands area and beyond.

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